Ready to Win is a unique two-track advanced campaign training for New Americans who want to run for office or be leadership staff on campaigns in the next two years. During this “boot camp” style program, participants gain advanced campaign skills, develop a comprehensive campaign plan, and complete an intense campaign simulation, all to fully prepare them for the rigors of a real world campaign.

New American Leaders - Advanced Campaign Training

Given the coronavirus’s rapid spread and the danger it poses, New American Leaders has decided to move Ready to Win to an online program hosted on April 18th and 19th. Submit your application by April 6, 2020!

We offer two routes into our Ready to Win training:

  • Candidate Track 
    NAL selects New Americans with a high potential to run for office within two years to attend the candidate track. The candidate track of Ready to Win provides media training, stump speech critique and feedback as well as how to best message to voters. This track drives into fundraising and call time, preparing future candidates to make a successful ask. Ready to Win alumni have continued on to run for school board, city council, mayor, state legislature and Congress.
  • Campaign Leadership Track
    NAL selects New Americans who intend on taking on leadership roles in campaigns within two years to attend Ready to Win along with NAL New American Fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ready To Win cost?
Registration costs $75 for alumni and $200 for non-alumni. Limited scholarships are available for registration fees. For alumni, travel and hotel costs will be covered by NAL. For non-alumni, only hotel will be covered by NAL; there are no travel scholarships available for non-alumni. Please note that the hotel lodging is a SHARED room with another participant.

What can I expect to learn at Ready To Win?
All things campaigns. Some unique modules NAL offers are how to run as a New American, how to expand the electorate during your campaign, and how to use your campaign as a tool to build a movement. All participants will be immersed in a campaign simulation and build a campaign plan.

Who can apply to Ready To Win?
NAL alumni and non-alumni alike are allowed to apply. Preference will be given towards those with New American background (either first or second generation American), and those from marginalized communities.

What is the training like?
Participants will be in one of two tracks: the Candidate Track or the Campaign Leadership Track. Some sessions will be offered to both tracks, while others will be specifically tailored to the candidate and campaign manager. Participants may choose which sessions they would like to attend, for example the campaign leadership modules are not only exclusively for campaign track participants.

What is the time commitment for Ready to Win?
Ready to Win starts on Friday, April 17th at 8am and lasts until 5pm on Monday, April 20th. The training sessions will last from 8am-8pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be no time for sightseeing during the training. People traveling into Arizona are expected to be in Phoenix on Thursday, August 16th, the night before the training. You may not miss any part of the training. If a conflict arises that impedes your full participation, unfortunately you will no longer be able to participate.

What costs will be covered during the training?
All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided the four days of the training. There will be no reimbursements for food or local travel during the training.