At New American Leaders (NAL), we believe a strong democracy is an inclusive democracy.  As the only organization championing New Americans as crucial participants in the American political system, we provide resources that ensure they are included, represented, and engaged in our democracy. In order to dismantle systemic barriers in our current political system, NAL works alongside rising stars in American politics, from city council to Congress, to achieve representation that reflects our country’s diverse population. 


July 17, 2020
2020 Trail Markers

A recent study shows “New Americans” – first and second generation naturalized citizens – are underrepresented in 46 of 50 U.S....

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Facts & Figures

Only 2 percent of the 500,000 available elected offices in the United States are held by Asian Pacific Islanders and Latinos.

Congress is 78 percent White and 76 percent male. The U.S. population is 18 percent Latino and 6 percent Asian Pacific Islander.

Women comprise 51 percent of the population, but just 24 percent of Congress.

Not one single state government in America has Asian Pacific Islander and Latino representation proportionate to its population.

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In 2011, at one of NALP's first trainings, I gained practice telling my story...I love that NALP stresses a pan-ethnic approach to all the future candidates they train - it is important to work in a pan-ethnic way and to find ways to bring people together.

Stephanie Chang, Michigan State Repreresentative and Ready to Lead® Michigan alumna

When I thought about running for office as a different way to serve, I immediately thought of NALP -- and I'm so glad I did. As I went through the training, it became abundantly clear that Sayu and her staff are committed to ensuring our government truly reflects our beautifully diverse nation.

Sunil Oommen, Ready to Lead® Northeast alumnus

Before NALP, running for office was a vague concept surrounded by a lot of mystery, especially in the "how" of it. After NALP, I am able to clearly visualize the steps and have greater confidence moving forward in being involved in politics.

Sarah Alfaham, Ready to Lead® Michigan alumna

I've been to a slew of leadership trainings, and this is the first one to successfully create an environment that allows women of color to be unapologetically themselves. Now, I am serious about laying down the groundwork for my own bid in 3-5 years.

Barbara Barreno-Paschall, Ready to Lead® New American Women alumna